About US

We aim to establish itself ourselves as an exemplary community-private partnership enterprise in Nepal to develop an improved and sustainable value chain of biomass energy.

There is a severe shortage of energy supply in Nepal. It is characterized by a very heavy reliance on traditional energy sources. This situation has been the cause to both urban and rural poverty and limited climate change mitigation options.

Our products like Bio-briquettes and charcoal pellets – blocks of compressed biomass char mixed with clay – are an emerging alternative for cooking, room heating, barbeque and baby massage in urban areas of Nepal. It is renewable source of energy and avoids adding fossil carbon to the atmosphere.

Mountainous and landlocked countries like Nepal have a high cost of sourcing fossil fuel from far away. In such context, we have established an example for working on biomass energy in partnership with stewards of forests (community forests) together with expertise of technologies and marketing at Nepal.

We have been taking responsibility for putting voices and issues of briquette producers and other actors into different forums. Our business on briquette and pellets for past six years helped biomass-based energy to emerge as an effective and alternative source of energy in Nepal. This endeavour has made us the leader in this business.

Our Vision

We have a vision to bring happiness at families of community shareholders, company team and consumers while providing sustainable, cost efficient, safe and environment friendly natural products in Nepal.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to explore rewarding market for community produced natural products while engaging into entire value chain for improved product quality and organized production.