Tablet Briquettes

These type of briquettes can be used as a substitute to wood, coal, LPG gas and kerosene.
Application Areas : Restaurants, party palaces, road side vendors, canteens for continuous cooking, Picnic and Barbecue (for cooking meals and making roast),Campfire, Tandoori oven,Small Industries: Noodle Industry (Chowmin), bakery Industry, dye industry, Biomass boiler, gasifiers etc.
Price: For continuous cooking, they are 50 % cheaper than LPG gas
Raw materials used: different agricultural residues like rice husk, saw dust and pine needles etc. are used for making screw press briquettes and no chemicals are added.
Metallic stoves are available for efficient burning of these briquettes at a convenient price.
This type of briquettes are highly compact (comparable to wood) due to screw extrusion technology compared to any other briquetting technique. The briquettes produced by screw extruder have a concentric hole and have a larger specific area. Because of this, screw press briquettes have higher combustion rate, do not disintegrate easily and are also homogeneous.
Size: Outer diameter: 60 mm, internal diameter: 15 mm, weight to length ratio: 1 kg per foot
Emission and durability: smoke comes during the ignition for about 10 to 15 minutes and disappears when the flame starts. The flame lasts for 30 to 45 minutes with very little smoke. Afterwards, flame disappears and burns like wood coal for another two hours. Therefore, the durability of this briquette is about 3 hours.

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